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Glass Fusion

Glass fusion is a process in which glass is fused together with heat in a kiln. The artist begins with an idea for a glass fusion project; selects a template; selects glass colors, shapes and textures; and then arranges the glass pieces on their template. Most of the glass pieces will need to be cut with glass cutters to fit the plan. When the project is complete, it is placed in the kiln to heat and fuse the glass. Glass fusion is available on a walk-in basis as well as in structured classes. Watch our Upcoming Events schedule for classes! Interested in forming a class, contact us!


Glass Fusion Session

$35 per person



  • Tile, ornament or jewelry - any colors*

  • Variety of glass shapes, colors and textures to choose from

  • Glass scoring and cutting tools

  • Safety goggles

  • Instruction by a Potter's Cottage staff member

* Upcharge for larger projects

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